US odds – betting format

To increase the efficiency of the bets and create some more gambling fun in the sports betting the bookmakers introduced the odds. Odds helps in increasing the chances to win and lose the game.

Among various such odd standards, US odds is one such odd format that allows the player to increase the percentage chances to win. In comparison to other such formats the US odd faction is a bit complicated yet very good and widely in use throughout the world.

In normal condition the following are two conditions in the US odd faction, one is the profit less than stake and the other one is profit larger than stake, known as negative odds and positive odds respectively.

In the negative odds we have more chances to win  so we have less profit than the stake amount. The normal formulae for calculating the payout and the profit of the US odd format for the negative odd are as under:

Total payout =  Total stake x (1 + 100 /US odds value)

Total profit = Total stake x (100 / US odds value)

In the positive odd case we have comparatively low chances to win so we have a big profit earning opportunity. Below are the formulae to show us how to calculate values in the positive odd for the total payout and the total profit.

Total payout = Total stake x (1 + US odds value / 100)
Total profit = Total stake x (US odds value / 100)

In general the US odd is good for the experienced people in comparison to the beginners but yet there is an option for the people to have their luck in the US odd betting format and have their luck tested.

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