Ryder Cup 2010 golf betting

Ryder cup is a famous golf event in the US and Europe mainly. This is specifically played between the teams of European and US golfers. 12 players from each side take part in the event and most of them are very high level experienced players.

Betting on the Ryder Cup 2010 will be a bit different than the normal betting on the golf. In golf people have to bet on the players as it is an individuals game basically so you have to focus on the players performance. While in the Ryder club the same players works in a team and the collective performance is measured. So betting on a Ryder Cup is easier and there are more chances of winning the bet as in teams the winning and losing chances are increased to 50%.

There are other bets like the 72 holes bets, this bet is only when the player go for the game of putting the 72 holes. And the interesting fact is that at the end of the game the one with the lowest score is considered as winner.
In Ryder Cup however one can bet on individual player as well based on the performance of the individual player. Mainly there are bets on the scores of the players. Since it include the top players of the golf so betting on the individual player too has a tough time. But most of the bookmakers prefer to bet on teams instead of betting on the separate individual players.

Although the Ryder Cup does not involve teams from the rest of the world, yet for bookmakers and agencies this is a hot event and people from all over the world bet on Ryder Cup, enjoy their time, watching the game waiting for the result and trying their luck.

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