Martingale betting system

Martingale batting system is a classical betting strategy that evolved from France in the 18th Century. This is a very risky and very profitable betting system.

Based on a very simple method of the coin tossing which can be compared to the winning or losing of the game, the Martingale system was made in such a way that if the gambler wins the toss, that’s is his selected side came, he wins the whole stake. And if he loses his bet he will lose the entire stake.

But the main things that is to be noted in the Martingale system is that if the gambler lose the bet he will have to double the amount of bet, in this strategy it was kept in view that incase the gambler lose one bet and wins the second one, his loss of the first bet will be recovered.

This was mainly based on a view of the infinite wealth idea, that’s a person having infinite wealth will have to make the martingale bet and even if he loses a few bets, he will always have the chance to recover all his money and his losses. But since practically this is not possible for one to have the infinite wealth so the person either go bankrupt or if he is lucky he get his wealth back before he go bankrupt and loses all his money.

Since it’s a very risky form of betting that’s why to avoid this and the consequences of it which often result in the bankruptcy the casinos have placed a limit over the amount of bet so that none of the gambler loses all his wealth at a time.

Martingale system has no such advantage over the other betting systems as such. Except that if you have a large amount of money then you ll be able to recollect all your money back and avoid great losses. But at the same time you ll have the chance of losing all your money in just one betting chain.

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