Betting odds formats

While betting there are various sort of the parameters in the consideration. Specially in case of the Asian handicap there are the extra parameters in the betting process. Along with the normal value of bets and the amount of the money on the bet the extra parameters includes the “odds”.

What actually odd is? Odds are the parameters that actually tell you how much can you win in the given bet. There is however a bad thing about the odds and that is the higher the value of the odd the lower will be the chances to win; it can be translated into simple words as the higher the money you want the lower will be the chances to get it.

There are various sort of odd formats in the betting world; these formats are in accordance to the location most of the time. Like the American, British, European, Indonesian and Malaysian standard formats.

All these formats vary from each other in terms of the calculation, In the US, to calculate the payout and the profit we have a separate formula to calculate them, similarly for the payout and profit calculation in the UK format we have separate formulas for it.

Normally the US format is used widely in the world and people like to prefer the US format, as it has both positive and negative values. Most of the bookmakers prefer to work in one format only however there are others that work on many formats at a time.

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