+0.5 asian handicap and -0.5 asian handicap explanation

Betting and sports has always been two partners, when ever there is a game there will be a bet on it. Soccer is one such game that is famous and is widely used for the betting. Book makers prefer to have a bet on the soccer instead of some other game.

Betting on soccer was initially on the 33.3 percentage chances of winning but with the passage of time the bookmakers introduced the Asian handicap to increase the chance to win the bet.

In the Asian handicap there were further some parameters introduces that are to be fixes before the game in the bet and the final score will be based on that parameters.

0.5 Asian handicap is based on a number 0.5, which is an additional parameter in the Asian handicap to increase the percentage of winning and losing the bet.

Lets see how the 0.5 Asian handicap works; the betting on the team with 0.5 will have a betting half on handicap 0 and other half on the 0.5.

No let us try to understand this thing with an example. Suppose we have Team A and Team B. Team A handicap is -.25 and that of team B is +.25, if the match ends with a zero goal, that’s is a 0:0 draw. Suppose the book maker is having his bet on team B with +.25. For this case the value will be +.5 and with a 25$ stake and a supposed odd of 1.9.

So the final result will be 0 and 0.5, so the total earning will be 25 x 1.9 which comes about 47.5$. Thus the bet of 25$ turned into a 47.5$.

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